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The video formats that QuickTime and QuickTime Player itself is Apple’s official player it.Such you can expect from an Apple product, QuickTime was very slippery to the point sometimes features a “hidden” you can expect more available – such as creating playlists, for example. ketikakata to perform basic functions such as reproduction, it is very easy to use even started yet malbavno. If you want to really get the most out of QuickTime however, ikawkailangang upgrade toPRO version, which allows you to do more, such as converting video perangkatdan file.QuickTime designed to play video format MOV though Apple but beyond that of Windows, it’s not very flexible. There are other players like VLC media player that can play almost all formats and much faster to ilunsad.QuickTimee Apple’s flagship media player, although adabanyak other free players out there for Windows stronger

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