The Hale Corporation was very proactive in every phase of the project, and stayed on schedule and on budget. The project has been completed for a little over a year now and Richard and the rest of The Hale Corporation have been very responsive to any and all issues.
Long Beach Ronald McDonald House, Cheri Bazley, Executive Director.

The Hale Corporation has participated as the Design-Build entity and also as the Contractor. The Hale Corporation has been very active during the design and pre-construction by providing estimates, constructability reviews and schedules. Richard T. Hale III (one of the key principles with The Hale Corporation) is personally involved and is the lead person we work with from inception of each provide until completion.
CLEO Construction Management, Tim Fyffe, Co-Owner

Working very closely with the Hospital’s Construction Management team, The Hale Corporation and Richard Hale himself was very hands on through all phases of the project. During design and pre-construction phases, they were very responsive in providing constructability reviews, construction scheduling, and construction cost estimations.
c|a Architects, Fernando Ablaza AIA, Senior Project Manager.

During the Construction Phase, they were proactive in their management of onsite issues and conditions that arose. They were helpful and took a team approach in the resolution of such conditions that came up.
c|a Architects, Fernando Ablaza AIA, Senior Project Manager.